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Web Hosting

Hosting of your business web site is something that can be overlooked or deemed unimportant but there are lots of reasons to make sure you have a fast and reliable service.

As well as keeping your web site online, your hosting often incorporates your business e-mail accounts as well so it is vitally important that your e-mails are up-and-running 24/7.

We have worked hard to ensure a highly reliable system is in place to keep all of our customers web sites online but as well as this, we do things that other hosting companies do not. For example, if you have a content management web site running on a system such as WordPress or Joomla, we will also keep your site up-to-date when new versions of the software are released. We also include additional features such as virus scanning and firewall protection from your site to prevent them being hacked.

Hosting features:

  • Four backups of your site are taken every day (once every six hours)
  • Virus and firewall systems installed on your site
  • We update your CMS when new versions are released
  • We continually monitor your site so if something does go wrong, we can fix it straightaway
  • Telephone, e-mail and live chat support

Our servers are located in a large data centre in Hemel Hempstead where we have technicians on site 24/7.


We offer full telephone and e-mail support so if you have any questions or need any help, just get in touch. We do our best to provide genuine assistance so, for example, if you need to set up an e-mail account on your laptop we have guides on our web site, we can talk you through it over the telephone or we can connect to your computer and set up the account for you.

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We're a small team who support hundreds of web sites, small and large, across the UK and beyond.

We love web sites, SEO and helping your business grow.


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If you have any questions or are having problems, just get in touch.

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Short Testimonial

Jill, Church Oast Bed and Breakfast

They were able to reflect the ethos of my business, highlight the strengths and responded very quickly to any suggestions I made. I was very impressed with the service and thought it good value for money.